In today’s World every responsible parent aspire for their children to excel in life but get worried about various roadblocks they have to face to achieve goals.

  • Child finds it hard to pay attention, more glued to general entertainment than useful learning
  • Child has trouble with subjects like spelling, reading, math, and/or writing and requires improvement
  • Child gets distracted easily and struggles to concentrate
  • Child finds any learning (Academic or Non-academic) difficult and struggles to keep-up academic pressure
  • Child struggles to process visual or auditory information and makes illogical decisions
  • Current day learning demands constant focus, improved memory, High IQ/EQ.

It has been found that kids with good Cognitive skills achieve high level of learning with ease.Children with strong cognitive skills, have ability to process information faster and make quick and effective logical decisions.Cognitive skills help prepare a child to be a better learner. When the learning becomes easier, the child is better equipped and then the learning is less frustrating and much more rewarding for the child.

Enhancing cognitive/intellectual abilities of human learning has been a topic of great interest and considerable research in both education and rehabilitation, in education,computers have seen increased use in the class room for the instruction of advanced skills such as mathand language. In the field of brain injury rehabilitation,clinicians have sought to utilize the computer as a hightech tool in the retraining of impaired cognitive skills. The success of this Computer Assisted Cognitive Rehabilitation (CACR) has made way to apply same techniques to enhance the intellectual function,and thus the academic performance, of non-impaired individuals.

Challenging Our Minds (COM) developed by Dr.Odie Bracy (Renowned Neuropsychologist of Neuroscience Center of Indianapolis) is one such Cognitive enhancement program accessible online, supporting enhancement of Cognitive abilities in seven different domains: Attention skills, Executive skills, Memory skills, Visuospatial skills, Problem Solving skills, Communication skills, and Psycho Social skill

  • COM Program can be trained by any one above 6 years, online (requires Internet)
  • Self-learning modules assisted by a cartoon character called Einstein supports easy usage of the program
  • Detailed Video training is made available for each exercise to aid as practice aid
  • Tracking is made available to Parents/ Teachers to monitor the progress of their Children

Three research publications have shown the significant advantages of participation in the intervention program for all children, not just those with special needs.

  • The first demonstrated the effectiveness of cognitive skills training for improving the intellectual functioning of 12 to 14 year-old children over a 9-week study and subsequent measurement by Jackson's Multidimensional Aptitude Battery.
  • The second research project included over 250 students (half with pre-study IQs less than 100 and the other half above 100) over a six year period.
  • The third project expanded to include students from 5 to 18 years.

Children who participated in the COM program experienced statistically significant increases in measured intelligence while the control group showed no change.