How to Subscribe

Based on the historical data it is expected that an average IQ Child will take about 2years to complete the program. Ekalavyaa Knowledge Services Private Limited (EKS), considering historical data and Indian ecology is offering the program in multiple subscriptions.

One can enroll into the program using one of the two possible options:

Option 1 - Direct Enrollment

Parents can enroll their kids to the program by accessing below link and subscribe to the time limit at their convenience. In this option EKS will provide regular progress reports to parents to monitor their Children progress.

Option 2 – Enrollment through School

Interested Parents can get in touch with their Kids school authorities to contact EKS to enroll their kids. This option provides tracker to kids teacher to monitor kids progress, which not only helps kid realize timely benefits but also supports teacher in understanding the Children strengths and opportunities to address them accordingly.

Phone: +91 91489 75702/04/05