Total Brain Development, Improved IQ and EQ, Excellent Arithmetic skills



Better Memory, Improved Focus And Communication, Fast Problem solving And Visio Spatial Skills

WORDS - Speak and Spell

Enhanced Vocabulary, Improved Grammar, Competitive Spirit and Greater Knowledge

Science Center in a School provides tools to teachers to improve the teaching & learning methods in schools and to introduce the importance of experiential learning to children...
"Is your child struggling with Numbers / Maths? Do you want to help their Total Brain Development? Do you aspire your kids to develop strong IQ/EQ? Then subscribe to Classical Mental Arithmetic(CMA)"...
Worried about lack of focus and problem solving skills of your kids, Is Memory a big concern? Do you want to cut down your Child's TV time, Then look no further & enroll your child to Challenging-our-mind (COM)...
Do you want to assess your Students phonemic awareness and work knowledge, Then look no further & approach India Spell Bee (ISB)...


Child finds hard to pay attention, more glued to general entertainment such as TV than useful learning, gets distracted easily, struggles to concentrate, organize and process visual or auditory information and makes illogical decisions.

Kids with good Cognitive skills achieve high level of learning with ease. Children with strong cognitive skills, have ability to process information faster and make quick and effective logical decisions

Current day learning demands constant focus, improved memory, Communication problem solving skills and High IQ/EQ.

COM exercises has been designed to help your child enhancing their cognitive abilities.

COM Structure

COM exercises are organized in 7 different domains and arranged from simple to complex.

COM Program can be trained by any one above 6 years, online (requires Internet).

Self-learning modules assisted by a cartoon character called Einstein supports easy usage of the program

Detailed Video training is made available for each exercise to aid as practice aid. Tracking is made available to Parents/ Teachers to monitor the progress of their Children.

How does COM Help

COM capability helps children to enhance the cognitive/intellectual functioning. This has profound impact on improved attention skills, improved deductive and inductive reasoning, process auditory and visual information and ability to manipulate numbers and concepts etc,

Challenging Our Minds (COM) benefits children in enhancing their cognitive abilities across seven different domains such as Attention skills, Executive skills, Problem

Solving skills, Communication skills, Memory skills, Visuospatial skills and Psychosocial skills.

Singup to COM Program today and experience the change

Demo completed at Creaa Academy for Learning, Uttarahalli.

Introduction to COM

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