Total Brain Development, Improved IQ and EQ, Excellent Arithmetic skills



Better Memory, Improved Focus And Communication, Fast Problem solving And Visio Spatial Skills

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Enhanced Vocabulary, Improved Grammar, Competitive Spirit and Greater Knowledge

Science Center in a School provides tools to teachers to improve the teaching & learning methods in schools and to introduce the importance of experiential learning to children
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CMA Total Brain Development Program (TBDP) helps unravell powers of mind and intelligence. Increases child memory, response, imagination, concentration, mental arithmetical skill (which excels the speed of computer), quick decisive powers, intelligence, etc by many folds

Total Brain Development Program (TBDP) wasdeveloped by the well-known researcher and educationalist, Master Tai Chiang Ching, who has put in 30 years of intensive research into the designing methodology that stimulates both sides of the brain at the early stages of its development

It is just not Intelligent Quotient (IQ) alone, Emotional Quotient (EQ) also play a very crucial role in every activity of humans


CMA-TBDP stimulates the basic senses of the children. The balanced growth of auditory and visual senses is a major achievement of a TBDP trained child.

EQ Development Training

Emotional intelligence (EQ) is the ability to identify, use, understand, and manage emotions in positive ways to relieve stress, communicate effectively, empathize with others, overcome challenges, and defuse conflict.

Mental Arithmetic Training

Calculation without an aid of a tool is called Mental Arithmetic. CMA-TBDP trained children will be able to do calculations faster than the speed of a computer. Here our children convert the numbers in to images. The process of fast mental calculation through images is the end result of the activation their subconscious mind.

Advanced Abacus Training

Abacus training is an excellent method to stimulate the right and left side of the brain simultaneously. Master Tai Chiang has researched and developed a unique technique using the least number of bead movement with the highest speed and accuracy in the abacus mental arithmetic calculations known as "Two hand four finger Omission method", which is considered as the most advanced form of abacus calculation method available today.


Our TBDP training will enhance your child's intellect which helps him to face the challenges in life confidently. Here we make the learning fun to generate natural interests of the students to progress the training with great passion.

Every school is determined to receive highest score among their students. CMA-TBDP prepares the children to be highly receptive. A balanced growth of Auditory, visual and kinaesthetic skills coupled with the improved concentration enables CMA trained children to be high achievers in academic and brings laurels to their school.

High level of intelligence

  • Enhanced EQ of the child
  • Enhanced memory power
  • Improved Audio-Visual-Kinesthetic skill
  • Improved analytical and logical skills

Improved Arithmetical skill (Excel the speed of computer)

  • High level of concentration
  • Quick response
  • Improved calculation skill
  • Sharper Observation capabilities

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CMA – TBDP Procedure