• Effective Parenting
    Effective Parenting Dr. V. Sunil Raj Consultant Psychologist The proper growth and developments of the children need care, pampering, support, consideration etc. But over pampering, over caring, overprotection, over support, and over consideration make problems in children. Most of the time parents don’t admit, what’s the proper way of approach or right guidance. All of us need a little help ‘parenting’. Parenting is not simple. Parenting is really a tough and difficult job and we didn’t get the instruction manual when our children were born. One of the primary tasks of early childhood is to develop self-discipline. Parents often find themselves correcting their children for interrupting, being wild, not following instructions or for not controlling their hands or mouths. These all require self-discipline or self-control. Young children are by nature impulsive. Some children have other biological factors which increase impulsiveness. Part of the solution for impulse control is to […]
  • Computer Assisted Cognitive Techniques For Enhancing The Intellectual Functioning Of Children
    Computer Assisted Cognitive Techniques For Enhancing The Intellectual Functioning Of Children Dr. Odie Bracy, PhD. Clinical Neuropsychologist, Director, Neuroscience Center of Indianapolis It has been my experience and observation, during my several years of research on the Computerized Cognitive enhancement system, that the children who have participated have been very responsive. They have attended well to the tasks, shown self-motivation and have actively engaged in the learning process presented by the Computer assisted cognitive enhancement system called “Challenging Our Minds” (COM) developed by our team. Teachers and parents have commented on their observation of improved self-esteem evident in the children who have participated in this therapy program, regardless of their individual levels of intellectual functioning. For some of the lower functioning children, COM has been a good and positive learning experience in school. Computer Assisted Cognitive skills enhancement system […]
  • How can Parents help their Children handle Exam Stress?
    How can Parents help their Children handle Exam Stress? Dr. Manjula M Additional Professor, Department of Clinical Psychology, National institute of Mental Health and Neuro Sciences (NIMHANS), Bengaluru-560029 Exam season of the year is a stressful period for both parents and children. While children feel responsible to get good results, parents feel responsible to make them perform well. Often, this sense of responsibility may manifest itself in their anxieties, resulting in pressure on the children to perform, expressing fears, comparing, expectations etc. This mars the confidence levels of children and makes them stressed. Parents are sometimes over-ambitious and try to realise all their unfulfilled expectations and desires through children, due to which children undergo a lot of tension and conflict. They may feel overburdened with parental expectations or feel guilty that they will not be able to fulfil them. Parents need to first understand that each child is unique and every […]
  • Cognition and academic performance
    Cognition and academic performance Dr. Robert Mathew MD; DNB; DM (Neurology)Prof and H.O.D of Neurology (on leave), Govt. Medical College, AlappuzhaChief Neurologist, Anugraham Neurocare The term intellect designates the totality of the mental or cognitive operations that comprise human thoughts. Intellect is regarded as the higher brain functions that make up the conscious mind. Intelligence as well as academic performance are part of this. As we all know, the intellect and its faculties are the subject matter of human psychology. These are the qualities that mostly separate human beings from other animals. Cognition includes various domains like attention, memory, language function, orientation, visuospatial function, judgment, calculation etc. Academic performance in fact is the practical application of various cognitive domains. Memory probably is the most important cognitive function as far as academic performance is concerned. Memory is a specific cognitive function which deals […]
  • Learning Disability VS Learning Difficulty
    Learning Disability VS Learning Difficulty DR.Jamila.k warrier,Consultant Psychologist, Kims, Trivandrum “Sidharth is good in everything except studies. He is the one who helps me with complaints of my mobile phone; he can fix the problems of almost all the gadgets. If he is that intelligent why can’t he study? At home, he is able to answer all the questions when I ask, but I was shocked to see his answer paper, he has not written anything that he told me the previous day of the exams! Does he have some memory problems that he is forgetting everything? The teachers are also complaining that he is active in the class but when they evaluate his answer paper they are also surprised why the child is not performing well. The school has also given us the last warning. What should we do? Should we change the school, the syllabus, or should I quit my job and be with him?” The perplexed parents usually try to solve the situation by sending the child to extra tuitions, restricting the play time […]