Challenging Our Minds (COM)

The capability to enhance the cognitive/intellectual functioning of children and thus potentially enhance their academic performance would have profound impact on education. In addition, improved academic performance stemming from an enhanced skill base (e.g., improved attentional skills, improved deductive and inductive reasoning, ability to manipulate numbers and concepts, etc.) rather than from just educational based interventions (e.g., memorizing math tables, using rote recall exercises, memorizing steps, etc.) would appear a more desirable avenue as the child would actually “own” the skills to acquire knowledge.

Challenging Our Minds (COM) benefits Children in enhancing their cognitive abilities across seven different domains.

Attention Skills

Our Attention Skills enhances one's ability to keep track which every detail of the thing going on around us.Enhanced concentration results in improved listening and seeing abilities. Attention skills work better not just when alert, but also in relaxed and when focusing our thoughts on what we are doing.

Executive Skills:

Executive skills are brain skills that help us to organize and use information.When the information in our brain' is better organized then we can think better and to do things more efficiently. Executive skills develop instinctive organising of things helping us to draw our better plans and work them out effortlessly.

Problem Solving Skills:

Problem solving skills trains you analyse the facts in a systematic manner to arrive at logical conclusion needed for solving a problem at a given situation. Problem solving is part of every day routine and the solvers also use their Attention and Executive skills together to organise,analyse and resolve a problem.

Communication Skills:

Communication skills allow a person to send and receive information, Communication skills comprises gestures writing, speaking, reading and listening, In this module, most exercises allow you to listen as many times as you want so you can be sure of what you have heard.

Memory Skills:

Most people think of memory skilld as just your ability to recall, However the skills that your brain uses to actually store the information play perhaps the biggest part of being able to remember. Those skills are memory skills too. the better use of organized information the better and easier it will be later for you to recall it.

Visuospatial Skills:

Visuospatial skills enhance powers of understanding and imagination.These are the skills that enable us to recognize a square, triangle, pyramid or even something so complex as another person's face.However you don't have to use vision to use visuospatial skills.

Psychosocial skills:

Psychosocial skills help us to interact with other people in a way so that we can sense their emotions and feelings and let them know our own emotions and feelings, these skills work together with communication skills, Psychosocial skills also help us to decide what is good behaviour is and what is not, Psychosocial skills can help us to win better friends and to get along better to everyone.