Ekalavyaa Knowledge Services (EKS) started by enthusiastic individuals with a Vision to be “A Dominant Service Provider with Reliable Product offerings”. With a mission to put “Service beyond Solutions” the people behind EKS have a passion for building products/service offerings that simplify, improve and enhance your life.

Company with a principle of being moral, ethical, empathetic, and efficient offers products and Services in Knowledge, financial and retail domain, Digital Communication and Mass Media.

Team behind EKS boasts a combined experience of more than 70 years, having worked in different domains adept with World Class standards in developing quality products and offering reliable services.

Ekalavyaa Knowledge Services is excited to bring an internationally renowned Cognitive Enhancement system. "Challenging Our Minds" to India to help improve Cognitive Skills in Children.

Challenging Our Minds (COM) is an online application designed by Dr. Odie Bracy a renowed US based neuropsychologist in 1990 based on extensive scientific research. This system can be used by any Child above 6 years for enhancing their Cognitive skills. COM has different modules,to improve a Child in:

About Challenging Our Minds (COM)

Challenging Our minds (COM) is an online application designed to enhance one’s Cognitive skills. This system can be used by anyone above 6 years to benefit. COM developed by Neuroscience Center of Indianapolis, US is based upon scientific research to enhance the cognitive skills necessary for optimal functioning with academics and daily life. This system has multiple modules targeting improvement of Attention, Executive, Memory, VisioSpatial, Problem Solving, Communication & Psychosocial skills

COM can be purchased for any child of age 6 or above, once purchased the license is active for about 2 years from the date of activation of the same. This is a duration determined after years of data that will support an average IQ/EQ child to complete the programme, balancing their academic needs. The Application is designed for self-learning with user friendly modules assisted by a cartoon character “Einstein” which keeps prompting to do the right thing.

EKS are the sole resellers of this product/Application for the entire state of Karnataka, Andhra and Telangana.