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School Science Center


Why Science Centre????

In any educational system there are two important aspects to it Curriculum and Pedagogy. Curriculum is what you teach and Pedagogy is how you teach.

Curriculum is’nt entirely theory based – books teach concepts and has many activities that helps students understand this in a practical sense. This is true for most syllabus textbooks, at least at the primary level. What remains to be improved is the Pedagogy. The need or more ‘Practical’ way of learning concept is being recognized.

It is enormously important for bringing a learning environment that is more Active than Passive. For e.g. in a class of 35… There might be only 10 children who have the capability of understanding concepts in abstract. The other 25just ends up not really understanding – hence being forced to mug up.


Key Objectives

  • Brings Practicality in the overall teaching methodology thus enhancing Student learning
  • Exhibits of Science Models help students to be Self-Learners and bring a sense of curiosity and invention
  • Provides a platform for students to gain hands-on, practical and experiential learning that will help them understand concepts in a more effective manner.
  • Enhance the reputation of the school promoting teaching through practical

Indian Planetary Society (IPS) is a Non-Profit Society headed by Dr. Rawal involved with Scientific and industrial research. Dr Rawal is an eminent Indian astrophysicist and scientific educator, recognized for his work in the popularization of science.

Dr. Rawal a former Director for Astronomical Research, Nehru Planetarium, Mumbai is the recipient of the 2004 national award for ‘Best Efforts in Science and Technology Popularization’ By Govt. of India as well as many other national and international awards.

Key Differentiators

    Bringing in unique way of learning with 100+ Real time Exhibits on Science concepts that children can operate and experience.

    Each Working model is a accompanied with a colorful chart detailing the concept.
    Charts are provided in English and any regional language that the school may require.

    100+ “Experience yourself” Kits that children can gain hand-on practical education that enthuses students and arouses the creativity and curiosity among them.

    100+ kits assist teachers in the classroom while explaining various Science and math concepts.


    A Science center in a school is sure to improve the overall quality of students and consequently enhance the reputation of the school. Our solution are especially developed to match the existing syllabus of various boards covering more than 200 scientific concepts.

    Designed by education experts over the last 10 years ensuring the science themes are appropriately mapped to the curriculum.

    The models helps students concept their learning to real life helping develop curiosity and an innovate mindset with the help of our inquiry based learning. This imbibes in them the life skill of self-learning which is fruitful for them in every stage of their life.

    Teachers benefit from these educational aids as they help in interactive way of teaching concepts.

Our Execution Strategy

Incorporates Proven methodologies, extremely qualified personnel, and a highly responsive approach to managing deliverables. Following is a description of our project methods, including how the project will be developed, a proposed timeline of events, and reason for why we suggest developing the projects as described.

School To Provide

  • Bringing in unique way of learning with
    • Acceptance to proposal & Sign the agreement
    • School to provision space for accommodating models, room should have roof, flooring, cement plastering and sturdy doors and windows so as to avoid theft.
    • Sturdy Tables – 2’ x 150’
    • Electrical connection with sockets
    • Complete details of locations, contract number of Head Master, number of division & student strength
    • Authorisation & support to Trainers & Monitoring Officers for smooth operation of the project

    Our Deliverables

  • Interactive Models aligned to various boards syllabus from Primary to High School.
  • Display Charts for all models in language used In School.
  • Sign boards of the project at each School.
  • Classroom activities with material for effective hands on learning
  • Training for Science & Mathematics Teachers.
  • Free annual maintenance for 1 year.
  • 1.Science Center in a School setup at 4 schools in Gujarat – Vyara, Zalod, Dahod & Kharadi.......... 2.Welcome Mount Litera Zee School, Vellore to Science Centre Club